Reviewers Liked

  • Unique live tiles, 16GB internal storage, Intuitive keyboard design
  • Too many clicks to make a phone call, app store still in infancy
  • Fresh, fun Windows Phone 7 UI, Good build quality, High quality LCD, Better than usual voice quality, Play To app works in surprising ways, Capable camera, Reasonable battery life, 16GB of storage builtin, Mac syncing
  • Cool embedded apps and camera mods. Intuitive interface. Responsive touchscreen
  • Fairly thin, Solid build quality, ScanSearch augmented reality app, Play To DLNA feature
  • Outstanding fit and finish, Generously sized battery, Play To media streaming legitimately useful
  • Slick and simple UI, good camera, WiFi music sync, solid build and reception, accurate text input

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • No copy and paste, Tiny power button, Lack of variety in apps
  • Great touch-screen, awesome social phonebook, comprehensive support for webmail, some cool exclusive apps from LG, low price for WP7 Look and Feel
  • Windows Phone 7 still rough, Gamble on whether Microsoft will catch up, Camera settings won't save, Camera has room to improve, Most bundled apps not really added value
  • Uninspiring design. No easy way to switch between apps. No multi-tasking
  • Mediocre sound quality, Camera quality is not good
  • Generic LCD is a step behind Super screens, Awkward microUSB port cover, Smallish power button
  • Abysmal speakerphone, no 3rd party app multitasking or copy/paste, few applications available, no task switcher