Reviewers Liked

  • Large, vivid screen with sharp graphics, Good sound quality, even at high volume, Quite light and thin, considering its size
  • Surprisingly light and great weight distribution, so it feels great inhand, Awkward size aside, it looks great in terms of design. Simple, but with subtle details, just my style, The build quality is very, very good. I'd expect some give or flex on a phon
  • Solid performance and graphics; Blazing 4G LTE speeds; Large vivid display; Optimus overlay adds convenient shortcuts;
  • Bright, expansive display. Surprisingly lightweight given its size
  • Big screen is great for typing, Fast performance
  • Display is great for web browsing, Fast overall performance, It stands out for being so large

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Awkward to carry/stow, Issues with call quality and cell reception, Some viewing angle difficulties
  • Abysmally bad radio performance. And I mean abysmal. Call quality was terrible, and data speeds were anywhere from 50% to 3% of what they were on a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III. To clarify, that's 3% as fast as the SGSIII, not 3% slower. More below, There
  • Difficult to use with one hand; No stylus holder; Lacks handwriting recognition; Short battery life; Weak speaker
  • Often feels sluggish. Not a great phone for voice calls. Non-standard screen resolution. Subpar 1080p video recording. Lacks a slot to store the bundled stylus
  • Enormous, Design is impossibly clunky, 4:3 display doesn't show apps properly
  • No slot for the Rubberdium stylus, Not practical for watching videos, Poor battery life, Shoots terrible photos and videos