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By on 100

Will the Moto Z system sell like hotcakes? Not likely. Does it work? Brilliantly. The Moto Z and Mods system will delight the very segment of consumers who often needs proper speakers on the smartphones, or requires projector for presentations, a better...

By Gadgets360 on 35

While there's no doubt that Lenovo and Motorola's design expertise has come through in terms of usability and convenience, there are bigger questions to answer. Why would anyone spend a lot of money on a flagship-class Moto Z and then up to Rs. 50,000...

By CGM on 95

Motorola takes the modular concept and completely delivers on it. This is the best use of the mods idea I've experienced...

By on

Using a truly innovative approach, mods can quickly transform the Z2 Play smartphone (and others in the Motorola range) into a top optical zoom camera or a rather nifty projector. We love the idea and the...

By MobileSyrup on

If this is the year where modular smartphones started to become a thing, then Motorola should get most of the credit for kicking it off. The Moto Mods system is an intriguing example of how to expand a phone's hardware limitations in a way that feels...

By Android Authority on

There you have it – the Moto Mods. It's great to see that the Moto Z's new idea is actually executed very well. Though the most unique of them is also the most expensive, it's hard not to enjoy the fact that big sound and extra battery life are...

International Review By Tom's Hardware Italy on 60

Il Moto Mods "Polaroid Insta Share Printer" costa 150 euro, con una disponibilità non molto estesa nel momento in cui stiamo scrivendo. Tra i Moto Mods è di certo il più particolare, ma forse anche il più difficile da giudicare.Se avete un amico o...

International Review By Le Monde Numérique on 100

Clairement, nous avons été particulièrement séduits par le smartphone Moto Z. En effet, il profite d'une excellente prise en main, d'une très belle qualité d'écran et offre des performances à la hauteur de nos espérances. Sa finesse est un vrai...

International Review By on

L'iniziativa, che mette in gara startup e sviluppatori nella creazione di nuove Moto Mods, si terrà alla nota manifestazione Viva Technology a Parigi.[COMUNICATO STAMPA]Milano, 19 maggio 2017 – Motorola Mobility, società di Lenovo, offre alle startup,...

International Review By on

IN PROVA Abbiamo messo alla prova Moto Z con uno dei Moto Mods della collezione, Moto Insta-Share Projector. Tutto quello che bisogna sapere per scegliere bene e le nostre impressioniAgli inizi dell'estate Lenovo ha presentato i nuovi smartphone...

International Review By on

Mit den sogenannten „Moto Mods“ sollen Besitzer des Moto Z und Moto Z Play ihr Smartphone bequem um neue Funktionen erweitern können. Doch deckt sich die Praxis mit der versprochenen Theorie? Wir haben uns die Erweiterungsmodule auf der IFA 2016...