Reviewers Liked

  • At less than $100 (depending on your currency), the Nokia 1 can do a lot more than I thought would be possible, The plastic housing can easily get scratched, but the rest of this phone is built like a tank. I wouldn't be worried if it flew a few meters of
  • Removable battery, long battery life, swappable back covers, affordable price, lean OS, many LTE bands, decent GPS, high contrast and colour accurate display, Dual-SIM, dedicated microSD card slot
  • Affordable, Quick updates, Vibrant design

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Compared to another Android Go device, the Alcatel 1X, the Nokia 1 seems overpriced for what you get. There's no fingerprint scanner, the storage is 8GB instead of 16GB, the display isn't 18:9, and the cameras are 5MP/2MP instead of 8MP/5MP. HMD should ha
  • Issues with data transfer with a PC, not all microSD cards are compatible, frequent noticeable stutters, slightly delayed reaction to inputs
  • Limited availability, Laggy at times, Sub-par camera, No fast charging