Reviewers Liked

  • Beautiful design, innovative Habitat mode, rock solid battery performance
  • Attractive. Slick external OLED display. Good voice quality and battery life. Capable music player
  • Sleek, lightweight design, Habitat mode gives easy access to five most recent contacts, Reliable call quality, Above-average camera
  • The Nokia 7205 Intrigue has an eye-catching design, a brilliant display, and an attractive feature set. Its photo quality is admirable, as well
  • Very stylish, with a zen-like interface. Very good call quality with plenty of calling features. Impressive GPS navigation performance.

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Poor web browser, lack of email/PIM synchronization
  • Below-average reception. Tinny-sounding ringtones. Nonstandard headphone jack
  • Expensive for a non–smart phone, No 3.5mm headphone jack, Poor video quality, Users must download songs second time for PC copy
  • The Nokia 7205 Intrigue's call quality and V Cast video quality are disappointing. Also, its style-centric design entails some compromises
  • Habitat interface not as intuitive as competitors like MyFaves on T-Mobile. Music and video playback were disappointing. Browser was very basic. Messaging features were lacking.