Reviewers Liked

  • Mostly attractive design, Performance is outstanding for midtier phone, Lowres display still manages to look great
  • Windows Phone 8 is awesome, Feels great in the hand, Good camera, Expandable memory, Fast, Nice, responsive screen
  • Beautiful display, Speedy performance, Good call quality, Hardware shutter button
  • Snappy performance, Exclusive Nokia apps, Impressive camera, Excellent call quality
  • Windows Phone 8 OS is more refined than ever. Fast. Excellent camera. Great voice quality
  • Snappy performance, Good low lighting camera performance, Same WP8 experience as the Lumia 920
  • Fast, affordable, great camera, has microSD card slot

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • TMobile performance is dreadful, Weak camera, Dimensions are just slightly too big
  • Looks and feels a bit boxy, Much heavier than some other current ten phones, Runs on TMobile's network, Bluetooth 2.1 only
  • Bulky, inelegant design, More expensive than other comparable Windows Phone 8 devices, Low resolution display, Uninspiring camera
  • High price and poor value, Text within the browser appears jagged
  • Heavy. Low-res screen. Few compelling apps. Uninspired design
  • Ugly and boring design, Speaker quality is sharp & irritating
  • Bland design, relatively low resolution displaythough it's a nice looking screen