Reviewers Liked

  • Nice build quality, incredible battery life, pleasant multimedia experience
  • Big, bright screen, Customizable interface
  • Responsive touch screen. TouchWiz interface works well. Excellent battery life
  • Small, cute and colorful touchscreen phone. Screen and interface were touch friendly and very responsive.
  • The Samsung Highlight has an easy-to-use design with satisfying call quality. It supports T-Mobile's 3G network and a functional feature set with a camera and music player

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Gimmicky homescreen
  • Too expensive, Builtin apps are unreliable
  • MicroSD card slot is underneath the battery. Both color choices are garish
  • No 3.5mm headphone jack; no threaded messaging; limited T-Mobile 3G availability; microSD slot behind battery; awkward to unlock
  • TouchWiz interface seems cluttered. Phone is a jack of all trades, master of none. Web browser and multimedia features are adequate, but not impressive.
  • The Samsung Highlight's call volume is low and speakerphone quality is unimpressive. Its memory card slot is located behind the battery