Editors Liked

  • Vibrant screen, excellent camera
  • Excellent HD Bravia display, Fast processor, Premium build, Slick design, Good camera, MicroSD slot, Good battery life, Android Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Brilliant camera, Feels like a premium device, NFC can be useful
  • Fast camera with dedicated shutter key, Sturdy design with very easy card slots access, Strong and clean loudspeaker, Helpful Smart App popups
  • Beautifully designed, Great screen, Good camera

Editors Didn't Like

  • Average battery life, software can be complicated
  • Sony UI not to everyone's tastes, Some performance issues with Sony UI widgets, Low onboard storage for premium model
  • Screen could be brighter
  • Bad screen reflectance and viewing angles, Call quality should be better, Volume rocker is placed uncomfortably, LED notification light is too small
  • Battery life, Occasional stutter, Noisy images