Editors Liked

  • A tiny device that doesn't slump in power, Slightly customised parts of Android help to make the tiny-screen experience more tolerable. The Atom can take one hell of a punishment - it's a phone that can take a punch
  • Tiny — fits anywhere, Full-day battery life, Good performance for the price, Plenty of storage, Has a 3.5 mm headset jack, Has a fingerprint reader
  • Small form factor means the Atom goes anywhere without getting in the way, IP68 dust, water, shock, temperature, and vibration ruggedization, Relatively easy to use in spite of its size, Dual SIM standby with plenty of bands supported, Useful DIY features

Editors Didn't Like

  • The tiny screen isn't well-suited for watching videos or gaming but it's good enough for practical purposes
  • Huge bezels, Horrible camera, Software not optimized for small screen experience, Lackluster display
  • Apps that require a lot of physical interaction can become unusable, Reading the display is going to be difficult for a significant number of users, The camera is difficult to use due to size, The camera doesn't handle unsteady shots well at all, The came