Reviewers Liked

  • Builtin Bluetooth headset, easy to setup, fits most ears, lightweight ear piece, slider phone, fully featured cell phone with GPS, battery life is decent for both devices, includes headset cavity cover, pairing and turning on Bluetooth is a joystick short
  • Built-in Bluetooth headset, Joystick navigation button
  • Builtin Bluetooth headset, innovative design, 3G connectivity, plethora of Bluetooth profiles including A2DP stereo, V CAST support
  • Phone cradles and charges detachable headset, Fast Web browsing, Camera performs decently in low light, Bright display
  • The LG Decoy comes with a built-in Bluetooth headset that stows away in the back of the phone. It has nice tactile keys, an easy-to-use interface, and features include a 2-megapixel camera, EV-DO, stereo Bluetooth, a music player, and V Cast support. I
  • Innovative design integrates a Bluetooth headset. Very good voice quality. Decent camera
  • Headset and handset in one neat package. Dedicated keys for useful calling features. VZ Navigator worked well, sensitive GPS

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Headset doesn’t power down when reconnected to phone, headset lacks snug fit, when reattached adds a bulge to the phone making it less slim, nav joystick is a little cumbersome, 2.5mm headphone jack
  • Can play manually saved .MP3s to microSD card (not 100% sure about this), Headset might not fit everyones ears, Expensive without a new 2yr control
  • Mirrored finish, poor navigational joystick, no background music mode, unstable headset fit, no echo or noise cancellation technology on headset
  • Poor voice quality when using included Bluetooth headset, Reflective surface around the display, WAP browser, Texting is difficult, Does not include a microUSB data cable, No flash for the camera
  • Headset doesn’t offer wind or noise reduction, Short battery life, Five-way joystick can be frustrating to use
  • The LG Decoy has a very glossy finish that makes it prone to smudges, and the display can be difficult to see under bright lights. The included Bluetooth headset has skinny volume controls, and does not have noise reduction or echo canceling technology
  • Headset performs poorly in noisy areas. Short Bluetooth talk time
  • Bluetooth call quality is unsurprisingly poor. Lacks some IM and e-mail messaging clients. V Cast music and video aging, not worth the cost of entry