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Vodafone Smart 858

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Although it's well priced, the Smart's screen is cramped, its processor is slow and it lacks storage space for apps. Samsung's Galaxy Fit is better value...

By Expert Reviews on

If you are limited in budget and want to experience something of the Android revolution then the Vodafone Smart is certainly a first step, but the small screen and low power limit that...

By Pocket-lint on

Though it runs Froyo and has a capacitive screen, the Smart has been ruthlessly built down to a price. Despite that, for talking, e-mailing, texting, navigating and social networking it’s up to the job. Yes it falls down when faced with more...

By RegHardware on

This super-cheap smartphone may lack finesse but at this price it's very impressive...

By Computeractive on

We find it hard to recommend the Vodafone Smart. If it proves anything, it is that there is a point beyond which compromises with Android handsets just become silly. We don't think the Smart offers a good Andrioid experience....

By itreviews.com on

The Vodafone Smart is a ludicrously cheap Android smart phone. When you consider that it retails for almost a tenth of the price of some top-range Android devices, it's easy to forgive its...


The Vodafone Smart is ridiculously cheap, but accordingly its features have been heavily cut. The capacitive touchscreen is a major upgrade over older budget Androids but the low-res, small display makes us think it's worth spending a little bit...

By Trusted Reviews on

Welcoming software and reasonable performance for the price are slightly let down by an out of date screen.Love£60 pricetag, Android 2.2, headphone socketHateLow resolution screen, no multitouchSpecs:Screen: 2.8in, 240×320Connectivity: HSDPA,...

By Fonehome on

Vodafone's Smart is one of the most affordable Android devices on the market. Certainly, at £70 on pay as you go, it is attractively priced. But does it live up to what Android can offer? A low price and good value for money aren't the same...

By TechRadar on

The Vodafone Smart is nicely priced and we like the personalisation element that the covers give. The battery covers plus the size suggest that it’s aimed at a young audience, which is where we think that the Smart could be a hit.However its...

By Recombu on