Reviewers Liked

  • Good target exposure indoors and outdoors, Effective stabilization in static scenes, Pleasant color indoors and outdoors, Acceptable noise outdoors
  • Aggressive design, Incredible performance, Two-day battery life, Vibrant OLED panel, Stereo sound, Clean software interface
  • Great design, Gorgeous display, Powerful cameras, A good battery with fast-charging capabilities
  • Granular gaming controls (processor, touchscreen), Front-facing speakers sound great, Top-notch performance on every game we tested, Industrial Design is unique and powerful, Price is right (if you can find it)
  • Extremely fast SoC, excellent gaming performance, fast Wi-Fi, dual-SIM and VoLTE, premium, very stable chassis, bright AMOLED display with large color-space, good cameras under daylight, remains very cool under load
  • Incredible battery lif, Stunning performanc, Lots of gaming option, Sleek desig, Low price

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Unstable autofocus indoors, White balance failures with pink cast indoors and in low light, Limited dynamic range, Color shading indoors and in low light, Residual motion on walking videos, Judder effect visible
  • No 3.5mm jack, No water resistance
  • No headphone socket, Heats up, Photos by Raj Rout, Xiaomi Black Shark 2
  • No USA launch, No 3.5mm headphone jack, No Waterproofing/ Dustproofing, No NFC, Non-ruggedness requires a case to feel safe
  • No IP certification, no microSD slot, needs adapter to provide a 3.5mm audio jack, average battery life, no wireless charging, no NFC
  • Not available in U.S, Dim displa, Odd software quirks