Reviewers Liked

  • Two screens with various display modes, camera with many adjustment settings, excellent speakers
  • The ZTE Axon M's two displays lend more real estate for viewing videos and double as a kickstand. It has a convenient quick-launch key and a headphone jack, and its camera takes great daytime shots
  • Two screens are better than one for multitasking, Loud dualspeaker setup for calls and media consumption, SD821 and 4GB RAM deliver their typically fast performance
  • Durable aluminum hing, Headphone jac, Ability to run two apps at once
  • Extra screen software works as advertised, Solid unibody metal design, 3.5mm headphone jack
  • The first dual-screen phone, very unique, Multitasking can be a joy in dual screen mode, Sharing media via mirrored mode is one-of-a-kind experience
  • Unique dual-screen design, Screens can be mirrored or extended, Smooth performance

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Low battery life, expensive, low display brightness, bad WLAN (in the pre-production model)
  • The phone is heavy and has an uneven, cumbersome design. It's pricey for year-old specs and the black hinge down the middle of the display is irritating in full-screen
  • Ergonomic nightmare, UI needs refinement in transitioning between screen modes, Poor camera performance, Extremely obtrusive black bar between screens in extended mode, Most apps will only work in portrait mode when extended, Poor fingerprint scanner plac
  • Disappointing camer, Subpar battery lif, Second screen can cause performance issue, Hinge ruins your ability to use both displays for one app
  • Expensive price for last year's hardware, Second screen doesn't add much, Camera placement is quirky
  • Dual screen construction is vulnerable to smudges and bumps, Performance specs don't match dual screen expectations, Software lacks polish and attention to detail, Extended display mode is novel but cut by middle bezel, Camera falls apart in lower light c
  • Only one camera sensor, Bulky when folded