Reviewers Liked

  • Fingerprint scanner performance is great. Extremely accurate and responsive, Main camera performs very well for a budget/mid range device, Face detection on front facing camera, Large 4080 mAh battery offers great battery life, Good display, vibrant and s
  • Terrific battery life, pretty good camera for the price, not too many changes to stock Android, user-friendly camera app
  • Unbeatable pric, Dual-lens rear camera, Long battery lif, Brigh, colorful 6-inch full-HD display
  • Inexpensive, Sturdy design, Solid performance, Dual rear camera sensors, Big battery, Latest Android software

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Size makes it a two-handed phone, Dual lens camera modes suffer from lack of quality, Video is unstabilized and on board microphone performs very poorly, Lack-luster build quality, 2 GB of RAM causes some bottlenecks in performance
  • Poor speaker placement, speaker doesn't get very loud, Prev2 of 2Next
  • Uneven photo processing effect, Middling performanc, Locked to MetroPCS
  • Unwieldy size, Some bloatware
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