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By on 100

Nine times out of ten we'd rather have a Jitterbug in our system than leave it out.If it fits your current set-up, we'd certainly recommend taking one for a spin – it's a clever, audio-improving critter.See all our Audioquest reviewsWhere to buy View...

By MyMac on 70

The Audioquest JitterBug looks exactly like a small USB flash drive (also called thumb drive), but unlike those drives, the JitterBug has a USB-A input on one end and a USB-A output on the other end. Therefore, you plug the JitterBug into a standard...

By Positive Feedback on

The Jitterbug arrived in a small box with some impressive graphics and diagrams, and included what Audioquest calls a Flight Manual. The device itself is smaller than most thumb drives and could be mistaken for a USB adapter, which I guess it is. I was...

By Stereophile on

You can see from the "Measurements" sidebar that I could find no significant effect that the JitterBug had on the analog signals output by three of the DACs I had to hand. Yet with those DACs and others, I heard an improvement in sound quality that I...

By Positive Feedback on

Remember the part about trying to get closer to the music? While the current state of digital music playback is pretty impressive even without the JitterBugs in the equation, at under $100 for the pair—true chump change in the audiophile world—why not...

International Review By Alpha-Audio on 100

De Jitterbug doet wat het belooft: beter geluid voor een redelijke prijs. €49 voor een hoorbare tweak mogen we een koopje noemen. Daarbij: het in gebruik nemen kan bijna niet gemakkelijker: inpluggen en klaar is Kees. Iedereen kan dat!Je hebt soms van...

International Review By on

Der JitterBug mag unscheinbar aussehen, doch klanglich macht er sich sofort bemerkbar. Der unkompliziert einsetzbare Filter ist ein hervorragender Partner für jeden audiophil genutzten...

International Review By Fairaudio on

Es fällt mir diesmal leicht, mich besonders kurz zu fassen: Keine 100 Euro für zwei Sticks. Aufgrund von Gewicht, Größe und kinderleichter Anwendung ideal zum unverbindlichen Selbst-ein-Urteil-bilden beziehungsweise Einfach-mal-probeweise-ausleihen oder...