Reviewers Liked

  • Durable IP67 build, Withstands drops and scratches no problem, Stand is useful, Battery life and USB output, Surprisingly good microphone for calls
  • Easy to setup and use, Waterproof, Sounds good, Worth what it costs
  • Can get quite loud for its size, Rugged build
  • Small, Under $100, Bluetooth connects easily, Waterproof, Sound goes in all directions, Decent battery life, Able to charge your phone, Design fits in a cup holder or water bottle cage

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Sound is pretty narrow, Buttons are cheap feeling and not tactile enough, Rubber flap protecting ports is damn near impossible to open
  • Bass distorts at full volume, Soso speakerphone capabilities
  • Distorts at top volumes on tracks with challenging bass response
  • No included bag, No way to hang or tie down the speaker, Voice control is really a function of the source device