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Creative Woof portable bluetooth speaker




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By CoolSmartphone on 88

Woof. It's a strange name for a speaker, granted. Does it bark? Does it give lamp posts liquid refreshment? I hope not. That'd be weird.What it is, of course, is yet another Bluetooth speaker. Here it in Coolsmartphone HQ we've started calling it “the...

International Review By TechTree on 60

The Creative Woof is a well-built wireless speaker. Available for Rs 2500, this speaker's output is enough to fill a room. However, if you care about the quality of the music, look somewhere else. Currently, I would recommend the JBL Micro Wireless that...

International Review By on 90

Bezdrôtové reproduktory nie sú žiadnou novinkou. Postupom času sa však ich rozmery zmenšujú a rastie ich výkon. Creative vládne na trhu s audio technikou nejaký ten rok a vie, čo treba zákazníkom ponúknuť aby vzbudil ich záujem. Predstavujeme Creative...

International Review By on

Větší či menší bezdrátové reproduktory dnes nabízejí snad všichni. Když pomineme levná bezejmenná „hrajítka“, tak z podivných „hlučíte“ se nakonec vyklubaly použitelné produkty. Především z těch, které nabízejí Bluetooh.Za bezdrátové připojení si...

International Review By on

Creative WOOF (소 개)오늘 소개할 제품은 Creative WOOF이다.Creative WOOF는 모노 블루투스 스피커로 콤팩트한 크기를 가지며, 무선 방식을 지원하는 깔끔한 휴대용 스피커이다. 수신 거리는 약 10m를 지원하고 음악 재생 시 전화가 오면 버튼 조작을 통하여 통화가 가능하며, 제품의 상태를 목소리로 안내하는 기능을 갖춘 기기이다. 하단에는 버튼 이용하여 조작이 가능하며, AUX 단자를 지원하여 블루투스를 지원하지 않는...

International Review By on

Появилась необходимость в компактной портативной колонке, обеспечивающей хорошее звучание любимых исполнителей за низкую цену? Тогда беспроводная портативная колонка Creative Woof отлично подойдет для вас! Представлена она была на выставке CEP 2014 и...

International Review By on

The moment we heard that Singapore-based Creative was reviving the Muvo brand, we assumed it was launching new MP3 players. However, we were pleasantly surprised to find a new line of wireless speakers instead. Creative seems to be acknowledging that the...

International Review By on

手のひらに載るほどのコンパクトなサイズから想像できないほどの迫力のサウンドを奏で、Bluetooth接続が可能でハンズフリー電話のスピーカーフォンにもなるというポータブルBluetoothワイヤレススピーカーが「 Creative Woof 」です。実際に製品を手にとって、果たしてどれほどの迫力のあるサウンドを出すものか、そして使い勝手などをサクッと体験してみることにしました。 Creative Woof - スピーカー - Creative Technology (日本)...

International Review By on

Mobile Wonders, distributors of all sorts of portable mini speakers sent us the Woof iPod speaker for review. It's not a new product and you've probably encountered or owned one already but to those who don't, here's a review for you.The Woof is a...