Reviewers Liked

  • Phison S10 Series SSD controller, DRAM Cache: 256MB, SATA3 6Gbps, 7mm thickness, Up to  560MB/s Read, Up to 405 MB/s Write,  
  • Build Quality, Very Good Overall Performance, 2.000.000 Hours MTBF, Feature Set, 3 Year Warranty, Current Price (For Some)
  • Great sequential performance, Price, Great feature set of the Phison S10 controller
  • Good reliability featureset, Good performance during our 4K aligned write benchmark, Excellent power efficiency when idling

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • I can think of
  • IOmeter SNIA Tests Performance
  • Drive only, no extras, Slower 4K and IOPS scores
  • Very poor overall performance , Significantly overpriced in the mainstream SSD market