Reviewers Liked

  • Simple setup, Expandable storage (up to four USB drives), Affordable, Easy to use
  • Lets you attach up to four drives, Easy setup and file sharing
  • Provides access from anywhere to your USB drives or FreeAgent Go drive. Sleek and professional looking drive dock
  • Easy setup, Access to files anywhere that you have internet access, iPhone app to access and upload files
  • Super easy to setup and use, Expandable storage via the three additional USB ports, includes a first year of the Pogoplug service
  • Easy and simple setup, Works w/ up to 3 USB storage devices, Small footprint, Clean iPhone app
  • Very easy to setup and use, Usable as a basic NAS; even without paying for PogoPlug service, Connect up to four drives, including one FreeAgent Go placed in the dock, Small size, Low power consumption, Automatic notification of updates to files connected
  • Simple webbased file sharing via Pogoplug service, No port forwarding or DDNS setup required, Links with Twitter, FaceBook and MySpace, Low power consumption, Transparent remote file access using drive connection client

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Requires yearly subscription for Pogoplug service after first year, No printer support
  • Doesn't share files from PCs on the same network
  • Users charged to access Pogoplug-based Web service for drive management
  • Pogoplug service expires after 1yr. Subscription price is unknown, Must download TXT and PDF files to view them, Must reboot Mac to view drives locally after ejecting them
  • Only includes one year of Pogoplug service Share
  • Costs $30/year after 1st year, Public link not easy to create, Music/movies can’t be downloaded to iPhone locally
  • Intended for use with PogoPlug paid service for remote access, No password needed to access files through PogoPlug could be a security issue, Up front hardware cost and cost of maintaining PogoPlug access
  • Limited Seagate documentation, Limited management w/o PogoPlug service