Synology Disk Station DS411J



Synology Disk Station DS411J

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The fast and well-equipped DS411j may be expensive, but it's the best four-disk NAS enclosure you can get...

By Expert Reviews on

It has some great features, but the DS411j is pricey if you just want it for folder sharing or backup...

By Computeractive on

The Synology DS411j is a great solution for what it’s intended for. If you’re looking for something that can be used as a download box, this is not it. This is meant to do much more and specifically for small offices.A simple design, fit for...

By Tech2 on

Call us strange, but at TrustedReviews we love a good NAS device. The combination of a safe repository for our data, and – in most – a range of features and abilities designed to augment that storage capacity make for a winning combination....

By Trusted Reviews on

Ease-of-use and a wide selection of features make the DS411j a simply superb four-bay NAS device...

By PC Pro on

For the price this unit is clearly a must have, the performance is comparable with other products in this price sector, but Synology are offering double the drive bays and the best operating system on the market. Its a clear...

By on

This article first appeared in HWM Jun 2011.As a NAS brand, Synology’s been going from strength to strength. With a regularly-updated product line that gets faster as better hardware comes along for less money, there’s no better time than...

By on

Just so everyone’s clear, this NAS comes in at £280 or so depending on where you shop; that’s without any storage included. If you want something in the region of 4-8TB, the price at least doubles. Now this shouldn’t put you off...

By XSReviews on

Those working in a small office/business or even home scenario will be pleased to know that the DS411j is directed towards them. The 'j' of course signifying that this is one of Synology's entry level units and it certainly has a very...

By Vortez on

Como se ha podido comprobar, este NAS tiene muchísimas posibilidades, y nos será útil en prácticamente cualquier circunstancia que nos surja. La oficina, una empresa, nuestra casa... Dependiendo del entorno usaremos una función...

International Review By Noticias 3D on