Thecus N6850 6-Bay Top Tower




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By Expert Reviews on 60

It’s fast and relatively inexpensive, but the NAS is compromised by noise and a poor interface...

By Legion Hardware on

Although the TopTower N10850 stands as Thecus’s flagship desktop NAS device, the N6850 is still more expensive than any other desktop NAS including the 7-bay N7700 Pro v2. What we like about the N6850 is how unique it is, at least in terms of hardware...

By Real World Labs on

As I have stated in previous reviews, my first impression of a NAS really sets the tone for the whole review and things are certainly at a new level with the N6850. Being the first NAS to come into my office with a full aluminum enclosure it reminds...

By eTeknix on

Earlier in the year when at CeBIT 2012 in Hanover, Germany, we got our first look over the new upcoming line of business-class NAS systems, to go along side Thecus' Rackmount SMB solutions. In a similar fashion to Thecus' SOHO and entry level SMB units,...

International Review By PCWorld France on 80

Ce Thecus N6850 est un gros NAS pour les petites entreprises qui cherchent une solution de stockage et de partage réseau efficace, tant du côté de l'administration que du côté de la flexibilité de configuration des volumes RAID. Les plus regardants sur...

International Review By on 90

6 顆硬碟組成的 NAS 到底有多強?快來玩玩看 Thecus N6850 這款塔式 NAS。 Thecus N6850 NAS 具有 6 Bay 大容量,讓中小企業都可以取得充足的備份空間,另外 N6850 的多種進階功能,讓它可以應用在各種需要網路空間的用途上。想想看!你只要塞入 6 顆 3 TB 硬碟,就足足擁有 18TB 的容量你讓備份和儲存,就算採用 RAID10,也還有 9TB 可以讓你備份。Thecus 的 N6850 NAS 這台 6 Bay NAS...

International Review By Tom's Hardware on

Bei NAS-Geräten der Mittelklasse gilt Intels Atom Prozessor quasi schon als Standard. Diese zentralen Recheneinheiten sind je nach Modell auf eine maximale TDP von 10 bis 13 Watt ausgelegt und relativ sparsam hinsichtlich der Leistungsaufnahme....

International Review By on

在網路越來越發達的今天,人們對於雲端儲存的需求也越來越大,使用者除了可以自己架設伺服器,提供雲端儲存的平台,也可以透過NAS(Network- attached storage)來解決雲端儲存問題,小編這次要介紹的就是以效能取勝的Thecus TopTower N6850。Thecus TopTower N6850採用了個人電腦等級的中央處理器,搭載的記憶體容量高達2GB,不難看出它是款強調資料處理能力的產品,在磁碟陣列的部分,Thecus TopTower N6850支援RAID...

International Review By Hardwareluxx on

Thecus Toptower N6850 Der TopTower N6850 spielt in der Oberklasse - der Enterpriseklassse. Die verbaute Hardware ist enorm leistungsfähig und ganz nebenbei sogar noch aufrüstbar. Die Verarbeitungsqualität ist auf einem enorm hohen Level,...