Editors Liked

  • Build Quality (Toshiba 19nm ToggleMode NAND Flash/Toshiba Controller), Very Good Performance, Retail Bundle (7mm To 9.5mm Bracket / NTI Echo 3 Cloning Software, 5 Years Warranty / 1.5 Million Hours MTTF, Toshiba Storage Utilities, Price (For Some)
  • The Toshiba Q300 Pro delivers a high level of performance that we rarely see anymore in a world quickly being overrun by 3bitpercell flash
  • Very good overall performance, Five-year warranty

Editors Didn't Like

  • IOmeter SNIA Performance
  • For the cost, you just don't get enough value from the Q300 Pro. We would love to see what this drive can do with DRAM to buffer map data
  • High cost per gig, No bundled software or utilities, as of press time, Little to distinguish from other, cheaper models