Reviewers Liked

  • Excellent handwriting digitizer on EInk display, Combo of EInk ebook reader with Android slate
  • Good contrast on e-ink screen. Can take notes on the e-ink screen. Google Android 1.6 OS offers color Web browsing, voice recording, and plenty of other useful apps
  • Swinging combo of an E Ink display and LCD screen. Journal for notetaking is actually useful. Innovative hardware design
  • A unique juxtaposition of e-book reader and tablet computer, providing an ideal platform for text notations and scholastic research

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Heavy and bulky for a portable, Navigation can be awkward
  • Ungainly design. Very heavy. Huge AC adapter. Plastic construction feels flimsy. Color touch screen is too dim, lacks contrast, and has narrow viewing angles. Slow boot-up. No 3G option for buying e-books over the air
  • It weighs as much as five Amazon Kindles and many of its most desirable capabilities are buried in a muddled, fractured user interface