Reviewers Liked

  • Awesomely bright, vibrant images, Detailed and very sharp indeed, Neat, attractive design, Smart and simple to use, Excellent for gaming
  • Sleek "360 design" with minimal wire, Great detailed 4K imag, Better brightnes, Improved viewing angles
  • Bright and punchy HDR, Excellent resolution, Stunning color
  • Contrast and Black Levels are excellent for an LED TV, Best in class color performance, Black Uniformity (no light coming through at corners), Dark Shadow Detail, Brighter than MU9000 due to Quantum layer, Clarity and depth from Ultra Clear panel, Strong
  • The Samsung Q7 QLED TV is one of the best-designed TVs ever, with sleek, modern styling and impeccable fit and finish. The innovative "invisible" wiring system and breakout box make installation superclean. Picture quality is very good, especially in brig
  • Superb color volume, better than SUHD, Nearly perfect motion handling, Broader HDR compatibility, Beautiful, sleek design, Great connectivity, Excellent TV for gamers or as PC monitor

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Sacrifices black performance for vibrancy, Poor viewing angles, Motion isn't perfect
  • Lacks deep black, Does not support Dolby Vision
  • No Dolby Vision, Edge-lit instead of full-array backlight dimming
  • Side angle viewing angle contrast and saturation loss, AutoMotion Plus really highlights unnatural effects to 2D shows and movies, Expensive, Not as bright as some other HDR compatible TVs, Local Dimming from edge lit LEDs not very effective
  • The expensive Q7's overall image quality can't match OLED or the better LED LCD TVs
  • Weaker contrast than 2016 SUHD counterpart, Peak brightness weaker than 2016 SUHD TVs, Local dimming could be better, display quality weakens at wide angles