Reviewers Liked

  • More compact than competing e-readers; metal body feels more durable than plasticky competition; generous button layout makes navigation simple
  • Sharp, clear screen, No glare, Compact form, Low price
  • Looks and feels lovely. Crisp e-Ink screen. Compact
  • Affordable. Compact. Solidly built. Compatible with the ePub format, which Amazon's Kindle doesn't support
  • Inexpensive and great for travel, Controls are simple and intuitive
  • With its sharp 5-inch screen, the Sony Reader Pocket Edition is much more compact than the Kindle 2 and fits comfortably in one hand when reading; font size is adjustable; decent battery life; Sonys eBook Library software is now both Windows- and Mac-

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Other e-book readers at this price have bigger screens, more features; no Wi-Fi or wireless capabilities; storage not upgradable
  • No dictionary, Some people may feel that no expansion cards and no mp3 player is a problem
  • No expandable storage
  • No wireless book downloads. No AC adapter. Sony Book Store doesn't include newspapers, magazines or blogs
  • No included dictionary, No support for image or HTML files
  • No expandable memory; battery is sealed into unit; screen may be too small for some people; limited zoom function with PDF files; cannot display JPEGs or play back MP3 files; not as zippy as the step-up PRS-600; USB charging only works from PCs