Reviewers Liked

  • Consumer testers liked the tablet
  • Decently powerful specs; Amazing screen on Excite 7.7; Expandable memory; Audio & Visual enhancements improve viewing experience
  • Slim. Well-built aluminum exterior. Fast quad-core processor. Full-size SD card slot
  • Light and comfortable to hold, Sleek-looking design, HDMI and USB connectivity, Good-looking screen, Support for 128GB SD cards
  • Vibrant display; Excellent performance; Thin design that's easy to grip; Full-size SD Card slot;
  • Solid aluminum body, Fast quadcore processor
  • The Toshiba Excite 10 supports a huge 128GB expandable memory slot, has fast Tegra 3-induced performance, a comfortable design, and Android 4.0 capabilities
  • Thin, light and premium materials. Fast quad core Tegra 3. USB Host, runs ICS

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Could have more connectivity options, Below average resolution, Poor screen quality, Below average sound quality, Subpar camera and video quality
  • May not get Jelly Bean update (lack of Flash support); Proprietary charger; Unimpressive screen on Excite 10
  • High price for features
  • A bit pricey, Slightly inferior video capture
  • Unwieldy power connector; Sluggish camera takes grainy photos; Below-average battery life
  • Bleeding around the sides of the display, Shoots terrible photos & videos
  • Backlight bleeding is obvious when viewing black screens on the tablet. Also, its data connection cable is unwieldy, camera performance is unimpressive, and the price is a bit too expensive compared with what's available on the market
  • Display has light bleed