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It's impossible to recommend the Vodafone Smart Tab II given the excellent competition at the same price. The poor video and gaming experience leaves it only as a slightly bigger device than your undoubtedly more powerful smartphone for emails and...

By tech.uk.msn.com on

Over the course of the 24 month contract you'll spend £696 on this tablet, which it most definitely isn't worth – if you're happy to spend that kind of money pick up an iPad mini or a 3G enabled Nexus 7.

By TechRadar on

Ratings in depth Inoffensive. If this was a one word review, that's how we would describe the Vodafone Smart Tab 2. Which, in today's increasingly over-crowded multi-tablet market, isn't a bad description to carry. We can't imagine the marketing...

By TechRadar on

It wasn’t so long ago that the mention of a tablet would refer to a medication. Now entertainment and browsing are more likely to be related...

By GadgetSpeak on

The Vodafone Smart II isn't bad as such, but it's certainly a disappointment. The screen in particular is a letdown, partly for its relatively low resolution but mostly for its lack of sensitivity. The underpowered processor is a bit of a pain too....

By Wired UK on

In the home, the Vodafone Smart Tab 2 just can’t compete with the Google Nexus 7. They look and feel identical, but the hardware and software inside Asus’ slate are bang up to date - and where Lenovo cut corners instead.But what it does offer is 3G...

By gadgetshow.channel5.com on

By last year's standards this wouldn't be a bad budget tablet. It's reasonably well built, runs a decent OS, and doesn't have an awful or badly unresponsive screen. By this year's standards, however, it's only worth a look if you must have built-in 3G...

By IT Pro Portal on

The Vodafone Smart Tab II may look like the Nexus 7, but that’s where the similarities end – it has too many flaws to be overlooked in a market that is brimming with decent seven-inch tablets. Vodafone Smart Tab II...

By 3G UK on

In many ways the Tab II 7 is last year's tech, but it is still perfectly capable of doing most of the things that most of us use our tablets for most of the time. And for under £150, you can't ask for much more. The key feature for me is that unlocked...

By theregister.co.uk on

Tablets have come a long way since they first appeared. No-one can argue that the iPad has played a massive part and every other manufacturer is now trying to play catchup. With competition comes innovation and that has helped to bring screen sizes...

By CoolSmartphone on

Il Vodafone Smart Tab II 10 è un tablet di elevata qualità che offre funzionalità avanzate quali il supporto alla rete UMTS, una fotocamera posteriore con risoluzione molto buona, una fotocamera frontale, il GPS integrata, il processore dual-core e...

International Review By TecnoZoom on

Così come accaduto per il diffondersi degli smartphone, anche per il mercato dei tablet una parte sempre più significativa della sua espansione è dovuta alle offerte effettuate direttamente dai colossi delle telecomunicazioni. In tal senso uno...

International Review By unita.it on

Drei Minuten der knapp 70-minütigen Apple-Produktshow widmete Apple am Dienstag der Konkurrenz: Bei der Vorstellung des iPad mini verglich Apples Marketingchef Phil Schiller das kleine Tablet mit Googles Nexus 7. Das vernichtende Fazit: „Andere haben...

International Review By Focus on

Mit dem iPad befeuerte Apple erneut einen großen Trend. Im ersten Jahr wurden nach eigenen Angaben über 15 Millionen der handlichen Tablet-Computer verkauft. Aber auch andere Hersteller geben Vollgas. COMPUTER BILD hat Modelle ab 199 Euro...

International Review By Computer Bild on