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By Home Cinema Choice on 100

For many serious AV fans, OLED currently looks like the holy grail of TV technology, ready to usurp LED-lit LCD TV and light the way to a new era of home entertainment. If OLED doesn't excite you, then you may be reading the wrong website. Why is OLED a...

By on 80

It's surely no secret that we love the Panasonic TX-65CZ952B. Not only is this beautiful, thrilling picture one of the best we've seen, but we're chuffed that TVs can look this good. The overriding sentiment here is ‘wow'.But reluctantly, we have to...

By on 100

The TX-65CZ952B is Panasonic's first commercially available Ultra HD 4K OLED TV and although the 65-inch curved panel has been sourced from a third party provider, the rest of the engineering is almost entirely proprietary. The CZ952B is less of a TV...

By HDTV Reviews on

While previous OLED TVs have showed promise, Panasonic's TX-65CZ952 represents a turning point, because it's the first time that we've been able to appreciate a big-screen Ultra HD OLED display without being discouraged by colour accuracy issues,...

International Review By on

Whenever a friend buys a new TV, they'll generally try to convince you it's upgrade time for you too. It's often just so they feel better about spending hundreds, or even thousands on a new set. The Panasonic TX-65CZ952B is different, though.While you...