Benchmarks: PCMark7

The 850 Evo 2TB was at the top of its class when measuring performance using PCMark 7's importing pictures test. Its throughput of 157MB/s was quicker than the Plextor M6e and 850 Pro.

The 850 Evo 2TB did fall behind the Plextor M6e and 850 Pro in the video editing test, but it was still noticeably faster than the 850 Evo 500GB model.

When it came to starting applications the 850 Evo 2TB proved to be a strong performer again at 133MB/s, much faster than the Crucial MX200 and BX100 series.

Our gaming results show that the SSD 850 Evo 2TB was considerably slower than the 850 Pro despite beating all other SATA SSDs.