Internal Design

There are few surprises inside the In Win 805, mainly because everything can be seen before the panels are even removed. Speaking of removable panels, you can only take off the left and right case doors, both of which are made entirely from tempered glass.

Inside users will find little more than a motherboard tray and a few drive bays. The motherboard is non-removable as it is part of the back panel and this is typical for a mid-tower. The motherboard tray has been constructed out of 2mm thick aluminium.

There is a huge amount of cable management holes here and while none of them feature rubber grommets to protect the cables, there isn't really a need as the aluminum is very smooth with no chance of cutting cables. There is a massive cut out in the motherboard tray that provides access to the rear side of the CPU socket.

The power supply, which is located in the bottom of the case, features a triangular shroud above it which serves no real purpose other than looking a bit interesting. It's important to note that the power supply must face upwards in the 805 as there is no means of drawing air in from underneath the case. This shouldn't be a big issue, but it means the power supply will be sucking in warmer air from within the case.

Speaking of cooling, the 805 comes with just a single 120mm fan mounted in the rear of the case as an exhaust. In Win provides the option of installing two 120mm intake fans in the bottom of the 805, though doing so will eliminate 3.5" drive support which is likely a big deal for most.

The only other practical fan locations are in the front of the case where a pair of 120mm or 140mm fans can be installed along with a 120/140/240 or 280mm radiator. Keep in mind these front-mounted fans have to suck air up from the bottom of the case which will limit their efficiency.

There is a small 3.5" removable drive cage in the bottom of the 805 which supports a pair of 3.5" drives using tool-less caddies and a single 2.5" drive. It's possible to install a further three 2.5" drives on the rear side of the motherboard tray, taking the total drive support to four 2.5" drives and two 3.5" drives.

Despite the limited cooling and storage support the rest of the hardware limitations aren't nearly as severe. The 805 can handle four dual-slot GPUs measuring up to 320mm long and 164mm tall. Meanwhile the CPU heatsink can stand 156mm tall and the power supply can stretch 220mm long.

Without question the 805 is all about the aesthetics, though that said there is still room to build a pretty decent gaming system.