Very High Quality

Want to play using the very high quality settings? Be prepared to bring some serious GPU firepower, even at 1080p. Here the GTX 1080 had no trouble with a 75fps average. However previous-gen champions such as the GTX 970 and GTX 980 were a far cry from achieving 60fps. The same is true for AMD R9 390, 390X and RX 480 GPUs. Gamers will ideally want at least a GTX 980 Ti or R9 Nano here.

Playing at 1440p means you'll require at least an R9 390X and even then the experience is quite laggy at times. The Nano is really the minimum requirement here, while the GTX 1080 didn't do too poorly with 50fps.

Given what we saw at 1440p, it's hard to believe playable 4K performance would be possible, and of course it isn't. The GTX 1080 averaged just 27fps, so good luck with that. Even with 100% SLI scaling, gamers could only hope for a 54fps average.