Benchmarks: CrystalDiskMark 3.0

The Intel 600p looks decent in the CrystalDiskMark sequential read test with a throughput of 1053MB/s. Granted, that's quite a bit slower than the advertised 1775MB/s but it is a good bit faster than the SATA SSDs.

The Intel 600p looked much like a SATA SSD in the sequential write test with a throughput of just under 500MB/s, not bad given the advertised 560 MB/s write speed.

When measuring random 512K read performance the Intel 600p slips well behind the other NVMe drives. In fact, here is looks rather slow when compared to the Kingston Predator and not much faster than the old Plextor M6e.

The random 512K write performance is pretty weak and again here the Intel 600p looks much like a low-end SATA SSD.

Random 4K read performance isn't bad and here the Intel 600p isn't a great deal slower than the 750 series for example.

Random 4K write performance is also quite good despite not beating all the SATA SSDs.