Benchmarks: Shadow of the TR, Strange Brigade, Monster Hunter: World

Testing with Shadow of the Tomb Raider sees the RTX 2070 again deliver GTX 1080-like performance though it was at least a few frames faster in this title at 1080p.

Moving to 1440p and here we see that the 2070 is just 3 fps faster than the 1080 on average, better than 3 fps slower I guess. Finally at 4K, we see similar performance from the 2070 and 1080 once again, this meant the 2070 was 24% slower than the 2080.

Next up we have Strange Brigade and here the 2070 provided a nice little 7% performance boost over the 1080 at 1080p. Then at 1440p we see a slightly larger 10% margin in favor of the RTX 2070 and just pushed it ahead of Vega 64 and just behind Vega 64 Liquid. So overall a nice result here.

Moving to 4K brings things back and now we're seeing just a 6% margin as the 2070 averaged 56fps while the 1080 was good for 53fps. This meant the 2070 also fell back behind the Vega 64 GPUs.

Interestingly Monster Hunter: World is another title like Assassin's Creed: Odyssey where the RTX 2070 pulls it's finger out and actually delivers some exciting numbers. Here it was 9% faster than the GTX 1080 which is a decent performance uplift, it was also 22% slower than the RTX 2080.

This continued at 1440p, or rather improved as the 2070 is now 11% faster than the 1080 and 21% slower than the 2080. Things get pulled back a little at 4K but even so the 2070 still provided 7% more frames than the 1080, though it is now 24% slower than the RTX 2080.