Benchmarks: PCmark Vantage (Application Loading)

Previously the best performing SSD in this test was the Intel X25-M, with a throughput of 123MB/s in the Windows Defender test and 119MB/s for the Windows Vista Startup test. The OCZ Summit crushed those numbers, delivering 46% more performance in the Defender test and 37% more in the Startup test.

The OCZ Summit continues to impress in PCmark Vantage as it crushes the previous champion, the Intel X25-M. The Summit also proved to be a far superior performer when compared to the Vertex in this particular test, delivering 47% more performance in the application loading test.

The last two PCmark Vantage tests that we ran were Photo Gallery and Media Center. The G.Skill Titan was our previous record holder for the Photo Gallery test, while it was surprisingly one of the slowest SSDs in the Media Center test.

The OCZ Summit was able to overtake the G.Skill Titan, delivering our best result in the PCmark Vantage Photo Gallery test yet, while also taking the Media Center test lead, which was most impressive.