Gaming Performance

The Asrock P55 Extreme4 and Asus P7P55D Deluxe delivered similar gaming performance when testing with Unreal Tournament 3. Although the Asus P7P55D Deluxe was slightly faster, the margins were so small they are not worth worrying about, particularly at 1920x1200.

Company of Heroes saw both the Asrock P55 Extreme4 and Asus P7P55D Deluxe deliver 124fps at 1920x1200, making them slower only to the Core i7 920 configuration but faster than the Phenom II X6 1090T system.

In Far Cry 2 our benchmark results once again were identical with both P55 boards averaging 91fps at 1920x1200.

Finally, we tested with Resident Evil 5 and as you can see the Asrock P55 Extreme4 matched the Asus P7P55D Deluxe at 1920x1200 and delivered a few more frames per second at 1024x768.