Final Thoughts

Like the original, the Silverstone Raven 2 Evolution (RV02-E) looks astonishing, and although the design is over a year old now, it's still very modern. Its improved cooling setup moves an incredible amount of air while creating very little noise. However, the best part is its new price.

While most would expect the RV02-E to cost a tad more than the original RV01, this is not the case. At $180 the Raven 2 Evolution is over 20% cheaper than the RV01 and that's admittedly a more typical price for such a high-end computer case.

By comparison, the Cooler Master HAF X costs $200 and the Raven 2 Evolution stacks up very well in our opinion. That's saying a lot considering the HAF X is one of our favorite full tower chassis. Besides the Kublai, the Raven 2 Evolution is actually Silverstone's most affordable full tower.

Another competent contender, the Lian Li PC-A70F will set you back the same amount, and although it's a lighter all-aluminum case, the cooling setup is not as impressive. At $160, the Antec Twelve Hundred makes a compelling argument, but it's like chalk and cheese when compared to the Raven 2 Evolution.

Really, the same could be said when comparing the Silverstone Raven 2 Evolution to virtually every case we've seen before. It simply has no equal, and if anyone is looking for something different, this has to be it. Silverstone even offers an all-white version for a small $15 premium.

Outstanding product: Silverstone Raven 2 Evolution (RV02-E) ATX Case

In a nutshell, the Raven 2 Evolution has a truly unique design that is far more than just a novelty. The unconventional layout works well and there's a lot to like about the 90-degree stack configuration. Moreover, it won't break the bank like some of the unorthodox cases we've reviewed in the past, such as the Thermaltake Level 10.