Benchmarks: Far Cry, F.E.A.R

Despite of being a somewhat old game, Far Cry still gave the 640MB graphics card a definite advantage at 1600x1200, approximately 18% faster than the cheaper 320MB version. Again this margin was significantly smaller at 1280x1024, as the 640MB card was just 4% faster at this resolution.

F.E.A.R used to be a very demanding game, though after several patches it is now quite well optimized. Nevertheless, we do see a massive difference in performance between the 320MB and 640MB cards in this test. At 1600x1200 with the AA/AF settings turned up the 640MB card is a whopping 62% faster than the 320MB version. Even at 1280x1024 the 640MB card is still 36% faster. Clearly F.E.A.R really needs that extra on board memory, otherwise you will end up with some serious performance hit.