Final Thoughts

From where we're sitting, Cooler Master achieved its goal. The Silencio 650 is very quiet and it dampens the noise from internal components quite well. However, as you saw on the last part of the review, by lining the case with sound-absorbing material, the enclosure sacrifices airflow and this causes mediocre to poor cooling results.

Although this may seem concerning, it's probably only an issue for heavy overclockers who don't prioritize noise reduction anyway. For everyone else, the Silencio 650 is an attractive, feature-packed chassis that muffles high-end hardware running at max while maintaining safe, albeit less-than-ideal temps.

As noted in the intro, the Silencio 650 should go for about $140 to $150 in the US, which puts it in direct competition with some of the finest mid-tower cases available. Be that as it may, when you consider its unique feature set, the Silencio 650 has plenty to offer. There are many things that the Silencio 650 does well and while its silent operation stands out, we also really liked its cable management, front panel connectivity (SDHC card slot), spacious internal design, X-Dock, tool-less support and fan controller.

The list of things that we dislike about the case is almost non-existent. X-Dock is handy but annoying when using 2.5" drives because it requires a caddy, which hasn't been the case with competing solutions we've tested. Additionally, as is often the situation with these premium cases, we were disappointed in the lack of hot-swappable bays and we'd like to see this start being included on all high-end chassis.

The 650 is an exciting new addition to Cooler Master's Silencio range and is easily the company's best silent case yet in terms of features, functionality and in our opinion, aesthetics. As we said earlier, it almost resembles a tamer looking HAF case, and considering our fondness of that series, it should come as no surprise that we've given the Silencio 650 our Outstanding award.


Pros: Good looking, well thought out chassis. Possibly the quietest case we've ever tested. Relatively affordable, offers a good value.

Cons: Idle temperatures show there's a compromise on the sound dampening. No hot-swappable bays.