1920x1200 - Max Quality

The CPU bottleneck is less apparent when playing at 1920x1200, as the GTX 680 and GTX 580 both averaged 74fps while the GTX 670 and GTX 660 Ti were a fraction slower at 73fps. The HD 7970 tied the GTX 660 at 72fps while the HD 7950 was slightly slower but still sitting comfortably at 70fps.

At the other end of the graph, we see that the HD 6770, 7750 and 6750 all struggled with around 30fps, which really isn't enough for playable performance in our opinion. That said, the HD 6970 and GTX 550 Ti looked much healthier, rendering almost 40fps – not ideal, but every frame counts here.

Beyond the GTX 550 Ti, most cards didn't have much trouble delivering playable performance at 1920x1200, but again, unsurprisingly, Nvidia's cards performed the best. The old GTX 460 mustered an average of 49fps, making it almost as fast as the HD 7850, AMD's $220 mid-range enthusiast card.