Overclocking Performance

Using the supplied Gigabyte OC Guru II software, we overclocked the GTX Titan's GPU clock speed from 837MHz to 1000MHz, which allowed for a boost clock of 1039MHz. To stabilize this overclock, we had to raise the power target to 106% and apply a minimum of 1.138 volts to the core. The memory was clocked to 6.4GHz without any trouble as well.

Our overclock garnered 13% more performance in Battlefield 3, boosting the average frame rate from 68fps to 77fps and allowing the Titan to overtake the GTX 660 Ti SLI as well as the HD 7870 Crossfire cards.

The 13% improvement in frames per second is similar to the 11% improvement in frame time going from 17.5ms to 15.6ms, making the GTX Titan the fastest GPU tested.

When testing Crysis 3 we saw a 15% improvement in frame rate, taking the Titan to 35.9fps, only 1fps slower than the HD 7950 Boost Crossfire cards.

This time the frame time improvement almost matches the fps improvement as the Titan was 14% faster when overclocked.