Benchmarks: CrystalDiskMark 3.0

Unlike almost every SSD we have reviewed in the past few years, the Arc 100 240GB is unable to max out the SATA 6Gb/s bus when measuring sequential read performance. Its 403MB/s read throughput was surprisingly low.

The Arc 100 provided surprisingly slow sequential read performance at just 403MB/s and its sequential write performance was equally surprising, being faster than the read performance at 427MB/s.

When measuring random 512K read performance, the Arc 100 240GB was again rather sluggish with just 345MB/s, 21% slower than the MX100 512GB.

Again, we see much better performance out of the Arc 100 when measuring write performance opposed to read performance, though on the bright side, with a throughput of 436MB/s the Arc 100 was just 5% slower than the MX100.

The Arc 100's random 4K-QD32 performance was surprisingly strong with a throughput of 331MB/s, which is virtually the same performance we saw from the Vertex 460 256GB and 18% faster than the MX100.

Although the Arc 100 240GB was faster than the MX100 when measuring 4K-QD32 read performance, it was 9% slower in the write test.