Wrap Up: Enthusiasts, This Is Your Canvas

The PC-O5S is a beautiful computer case that isn't overstated. The design is functional and Lian Li has managed to achieve what I believe was the ultimate goal for this case. As good as the PC-O5S looks standing or even sitting on a desk, I feel hanging it on the wall is where it belongs if you are willing to go all the way.

This is when the design really starts to make sense. On the wall, that huge glass panel, slim design and horizontally mounted graphics card come together to create what I would call art.

Obviously the choice in hardware is key here and I would replace the fan on the Silverstone Argon AR05 with something black or LED lit. Likewise, I installed the Silverstone Strider ST45SF initially, but then changed it for the powerful SX600-G which also features more attractive cabling.

Although hardly small for a Mini-ITX case, the PC-O5S does support an impressive array of hardware. No other case using this form factor can support the Gainward GTX 980 Phantom that I know of. The only limitations are the SFX power supply and CPU cooler height. But if you plan accordingly, you will do just fine when you can install a PSU such as Silverstone's Strider SX600-G and with support for 240mm radiators, if you are willing to go there.

As expected, this beautiful and functional design comes at a cost, a rather big one if we are honest. Lian Li will start selling the PC-O5S next February for $319, by far the most expensive Mini-ITX case we have tested. It seems whenever you add tempered glass to a computer case the price simply skyrockets.

In comparison, the Lian Li PC-Q35 costs $175 and that was considered a significant amount of payola for a Mini-ITX case. In Win who has been using tempered glass panels for years now is offering their 901 for just $150.

Then for the same money as the PC-O5S, consumers have access to the Cooler Master Cosmos II, Lian Li PC-A79 or PC-V1000L, all of which are high-end full towers.

You should know ahead the PC-O5S is going to make for an expensive build even without taking the case's cost into consideration. This is because a quality SFX power supply will set you back ~$150 and most will want to opt for a closed loop cooling system.

Shopping shortcuts:

Ultimately, the Lian Li PC-O5S isn't for everyone and that's perfectly fine, but those who can justify the cost and want to think of this as a tech project, we believe you won't be disappointed.


Pros: Beautiful case that is well designed inside and out. Excellent build quality. Can be used in different standing positions (and hanging on the wall). Can fit a lot of hardware.

Cons: Expensive affair, for both the case and what implies to make this a beautiful build to showcase. Must fix the motherboard's tray for ease of installation.