Very High Texture Quality

Cranking the textures to their maximum setting saw the required VRAM exceed 3GBs so we needed to turn on the 'ignore suggested limits' option in order to test graphics cards with less than 3GB of memory buffer.

At 2560x1600 we still saw very playable performance from the R9 290X and GTX 970. In fact, both were only around 2fps slower when compared to the performance seen using the normal textures.

To give the GTX Titan X some competition we threw in the R9 295X2 which was only able to deliver one more frame at 83fps.

Those wanting to play GTA V on a 4K monitor will need some serious GPU power as the R9 290X was only good for 33fps and the GTX 980 just 36fps. The GTX Titan X was able to provide playable performance with 47fps, while the R9 295X2 produced 51fps.