The government page of Kyrgyzstan
Political entertainment and porn
An escort service in the D.C. area
Reservations for a historical hotel
Correct Answer: Political entertainment and porn

A little background…

Launched in May 1997, originally hosted 'uncensored discussion of government policies' but later began adding adult content in the interest of profits. The site was controversial for being accidentally visited by people interested in viewing the US government's website and even received a cease and desist letter from the Clinton administration in December 1997.

The site stayed up until 2004, when owner Dan Parisi sold the domain (for a seemingly undisclosed amount, though the site was reportedly earning in excess of a million dollars a year). He reportedly questioned what his pre-school-aged son might think of the site and even declined many offers from the porn industry for the domain.

After being used for a real estate site in 2005, was briefly home to "America's Free Speech Forum" in 2006, became a search engine for people later that same year, and by late 2007 it hosted information about the then-upcoming presidential election. After being used for several other purpose, the domain is currently parked.

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