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Correct Answer: WorldWideWeb

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Along with creating the World Wide Web as a digital space, Tim Berners-Lee invented the first web browser / WYSIWYG HTML editor which was briefly called "WorldWideWeb." Shortly after, the application was renamed to "Nexus" to avoid confusion between technologies.

The browser was created on a NeXT Computer at CERN and the first successful build was finished on December 25, 1990. In April 1993, the browser's source code was released to the public and the browser was discontinued the following year in mid-January 1994.

Before settling on the "WorldWideWeb" name for his browser, Berners-Lee reportedly considered calling it The Mine of Information and The Information Mesh.

Features included support for displaying basic style sheets, a range of protocols including FTP and HTTP, and in later builds it was able to show inline images.