3.0Ghz 533fsb ---3.6Ghz 800fsb

By InsaneMonkeyBoy
May 16, 2005
  1. Gd'day,

    I have been planning on overclocking my cpu for nearly half a year now but i have never really considered it seriously until now. I plan on getting the cpu core to around 3.6 but my main objective is the 800fsb. This is because i have a low 533fsb which only supports painfully slow memory. I plan on using the Akasa AK-912 hsf over the arctic freezer 4 but if anyone knows of a better hsf, fill me in! :)

    At the moment i have one 512mb 333mhz module but i want to be able to have my meory running at 400mhz at the end of the overclock. Now i know for sure that my twinmos module wont reach that overclock so:

    "If i install some 400mhz ram before the O/C will it work? I'm hoping it will run at 333mhz to start but when i overclock the fsb it will go back to 400 right?

    My cpu temp is between 33-36 degrees when its idle. This is quite cool considering i'm using stock cooler but is it up to a LONG-LASTING stable O/C to 3.6? My last overclock of this same cpu was about a year ago when i got it to 3.8 (some of you may remember) and i fried it shortly after!! :) I hope all will go well with this brilliant hsf from akasa!!

    Thanks for getting this far, and for replying if you do that is...... :giddy:
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    Well, how seriously do you want to OC? I would recommend phase change if you want to see big numbers, and water cooling for silence and moderate overclocking. I'm not too familiar with heat sink fans, but if you want a nice listing go to Cooling/mp=menu_search_top.html. It has a nice selection to choose from.

  4. InsaneMonkeyBoy

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    Thanks for the link Mutant.

    Thanks Didou I'll move the thread.
  5. InsaneMonkeyBoy

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    Hey, wait a minute.....this is the cooling and modding. Do you mean to MOVE it to cou's chipset'sand mobos?
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    Yeah, if you put in some ddr400, it will underclock to ddr333. Then it will increase to ddr400 if you oc to the 800fsb. So yeah, you don't even need good ram to do the oc, any ram that can run at ddr400 will work. That's in contrast to if you had a 800mhz fsb and wanted to oc, then you might need to get expensive ddr500-600 to get higher or use a divider. I have corsair valueselect cas 2.5-3-3-6, and it's good cheap(~$82US) ram.

    Just remember that heat and voltage are the killers of cpus. You don't really want the cpu much over 60C, and you don't want to increase the voltage very much.

    Best wishes,
  7. InsaneMonkeyBoy

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    Thanks vnf4ultra, I've been looking into Corsair Value select beforehand and its one of my choices. I dont plan on getting the voltage close to 1.7 cause thats when it gets dangerous but i dont think heat is going to be that big a problem because its a northwood chip, not a prescott thank god! Oh and i need to know if this is going to get my northbridge any hotter cause i can get a small fan on it if its needed?

    Thanks again
  8. vnf4ultra

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    I don't know about the chipset. I know the nforce 4(amd) chipsets get hot and need cooling, but I don't think intel chipsets get quite as hot, couldn't hurt to cool it though.
  9. InsaneMonkeyBoy

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    Yeah oki doke. I have been considering that tiny little akasa n/b cooler cause its supposed to be quite effective. I dont know about noise though!

    Thanks again
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