A7N8X BIOS settings question

By Eder
Nov 29, 2004
  1. hi guys!!!
    i don't know if i can make my speed better. my actual configuration is this:

    CPU Freq. : 200MHz

    CPU Multiple : 12x

    System Performance : User Defined

    CPU Interface : Optimal (i can't change to aggressive, it is not enable, i don't know why)

    Memory Frequency : By SPD (200MHz)

    Memory Timing : User Defined

    SDRAM Active Precharge : 8

    SDRAM RAS to CAS : 3

    SDRAM RAS Precharge : 3

    SDRAM CAS Latency : 2,5

    FSB Spreed Spectrum : 0,50% (i can change to 1%)

    AGP Spreed Spectrum : Disabled (i can change to 0,50%)

    CPU Vcore : 1,650v

    AGP Frequency : Auto (i have lot's of options)

    System BIOS Cacheable : Disabled

    Video Ram Cacheable : Disabled

    DDR Voltage : 2,7v

    AGP Voltage : 1,5v

    i'm not so experient, then if you coul'd sugest something better to change, i'll be grated (unlocking, or overcloking). My actual speed is 2400 MHz. i really don't know if i can go faster then this.
    thanks for all. (and sorry about my "brazilian english...)
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