Abit BE 6/won't boot windows.

By mfm1200
Sep 26, 2004
  1. Sorry if all the info is lacking.
    i replaced the MB in my friends dell xps.
    i used the original slot 1 p3 550mhz cpu, as well as the 64mb siemens ram, graphics card, soundcard, HDD/FDD.

    Problem is it won't load the OS which I assume is W98.

    The previous board and PSU were fried when he tried to send 230volts thru the 110volt setting on the psu.

    I am getting the warng " Windows did not start Successfully", due to recent hardware change, unexpected restart, auto shutdown.
    then it highlights the options to restart, Safe Mode/ SM w/ networking/DOS commands/last known config/start manually.
    tried all the options but all i get is a blank screen.
    Is it because of the different hardware.

    Abit BE 6
    Intel Slot 1 550mhz
    64 siemens ram.
    WD 313600 HDD
    ati graphics agp
    sound blaster live 5.1

    It seems the mb recognises all the hardware.
    is there something I am obviously missing.

    thanks to Mictlantecuhtli on the help for the manual.
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