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By Dilmog
Dec 4, 2007
  1. Hey, I am going to upgrade my Amd Athalon 64 3500+ socket 939 CPU as soon as I figure out which CPU I want to get. I am going to pair this with an upgrade to one of the 8800 GTS Rev 2 cards coming out soon. Due to the fact that my processor is socket 939, there are only a few available processors, and the only one which is really worth the money is the 4200+. However, I have heard of people using opterons for gaming processors, and I was just wondering which opteron processor would be good to pair with an 8800 GTS Rev 2 (Socket 939 of course) That is, of course, if this idea would even be practical at all.
  2. kpo6969

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  3. Dilmog

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    W/stock heatsink? And if not, what would you recommend?
    Oh yeah, the link that you gave is for an AM2 processor, and I'm looking for a 939. Would you still recommend the 3800+?
  4. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    This CPU is your best choice. I'd rather prefer you'd get an FX-55 if you want a new CPU for better gaming performance but if you want a dualcore CPU, that one is the best choice IMO. ALso, I have friends running Opteron 165s on the same mobo as yours so the one I recommended will work as well.
  5. Dilmog

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    Would a FX-55 out-perform any similarly priced 939 processor (such as the opteron 165) in games?
  6. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Yes, it would. But it wouldn't be very good as far as multi-tasking goes.
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