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By Bellafor20
Jul 29, 2004
  1. Ok, I have these old speakers from Altec Lansing, model ADA-305, now problem is i turn on my comp one day and i have no "Multimedia audio controler" driver, nor can I find one anywhere on the ungodly internet, so my bind is as is...please help. Not having speakers is like havin a comp with no keyboard...not working!
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    Which operating system do you have?

    ADA-305 had drivers only for Win95/98. There is no audio management software for Win2k / XP. However, according to some sites, they work without USB, just no 'surround' effects then.

  3. Bellafor20

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    I have win XP professional, but now from reading your replys there is no hope, I will try what u guys said and ty for your help:grinthumb
    Thx Bella
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    you don't need the driver software

    To countrol the surround sound features on these speakers just hold down the "center" button for a about 5 seconds, then the light will change from amber to a green color. Now, just press either center or surround and you can control their volumes.

    I've had these speakers for 6 years and they still sound great.
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